How to Sell Used Furniture Online – Quick Methods

Let’s turn the old furniture – that you will no longer be using – to money, which you can make something out of. So, you would like to get rid of your old ones to possibly make way for the new or you, maybe, are downsizing.

Instead of just donating it, it is a good idea to reach out to potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing it. With the right place to turn to and a reasonable price tag for your old furniture, selling them shouldn’t be an impossible feat to accomplish. 

The internet makes it all the more possible to get connected to the people who you share similar interest with or who you have common ground with. So, we’ve listed down here the proven ways how you can sell your old furniture fast and easily.

Online Classified Ads 

Online classified ads are among the first platforms that you should consider when thinking about selling almost anything, which includes your used furniture. The idea with these online services is very much the same as you would list an advertisement on a broadsheet newspaper. Far better, however, than when you do it in a newspaper is that free classified ads’ services often come free of charge. 

Here are some of the classifieds that you can sell your furniture on them:


You fill out a form with the information about your furniture, complete and submit it within just a few minutes. Online listing services only play as a mediator between the seller and the prospective buyer. It doesn’t process the sale itself. It just advertises, so it’s important that you specify your location and provide valid contacts, such as email and phone number. 

Among the listing services that you can check out would be FreeAdsTime and H1Ad. Give online listing services a shot because, as said earlier, online listing usually is free of charge. 

Get it listed on either eBay or Etsy

eBay and Etsy are both retail shops and listing platforms. They simply just do not get your word out, but they also process the sale. A one-stop-shop for ultimate selling, this is where you list your furniture and put in some more information about it. 

When an interested buyer comes across that ad or page, he or she can purchase it via different payment methods. eBay and Etsy are two platforms that allow that to happen. How do these two differ, then? 

eBay is unique in that it allows sellers to put their products in an auction. So potential buyers can bid; only when they win do they make the purchase. While Etsy doesn’t offer a pricing structure like this, it is famous for its own brand. 

Etsy is a specialized platform that focuses greatly on selling items that are special, hard-to-find, and almost non-commercialized. Items would include second-hand collectibles and limited editions of a particular item. It also covers crafted products like artworks or wood furniture. So, if your furniture is truly unique and not available anywhere else, there’s a good chance you’d be able to sell it here on this website. 

Facebook Marketplace 

Have something to sell? For almost anything you plan on selling, you almost certainly can count on Facebook Marketplace. But before you get to take advantage of this free feature by Facebook, you must have an account, which shouldn’t be a problem as most likely you already have one. 

The Marketplace is right there in the app. It’s a listing platform that is free of charge, so you won’t have to worry when it comes to added costs. There’s just simply none. What makes it ideal and among the best ones is when someone inquires about it, they can message your right away, which you will receive via Messanger. 

It’s also far more organized – when we talk about the layout – than most listing services that you can find around. So, it’s more user-friendly. While most online classified ads will only let you ship within your locality or up to a certain point, Facebook Marketplace offers wider coverage in general. 

Create content and post it on social media

This one is certainly the most relevant suggestion. Social media is unstoppable, especially for information sharing. So, you must turn to it if you would like to send out your message for almost anything you want to say or sell. Create catchy posts and content about your furniture and post them on your social media platform. Have them shared by your friends. 

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