Tips for Safe Online Shopping

There could be plenty of valid reasons why you ended up here in this article. Maybe, you’re an avid online shopper who is simply curious about knowing how to keep your information safe and confidential. If not, then it could be that you are completely averse to making any sort of transactions online because you’re scared, anxious, and don’t trust that being online is ultimately safe. If none of the two fit you, we’re pretty sure you have your valid claim why you maintain a certain reservation about making purchases online. 

So, here, we hope to shed light on a few things to keep you worry-free when making a deal or buying on the internet. While we continue to advise you to stay vigilant and cautious all the time, here are a few things to ease you into eCommerce. 

Only use and visit secure websites 

This is mandatory, which means you must always exercise this rule. Only visit the websites that have “HTTPS” and NOT just “HTTP.” You should be able to see it on the search bar. The “s” stands for security and encryption, which means that there’s an extra layer of security protocol to prevent malicious hackers from getting in the way between you and the server. 

Stay away from websites that are not secure if you don’t want to jeopardize your information and your peace of mind. It should always be the first idea that you must be particular about when visiting any website. If possible, use the apps that you have already downloaded to your phone. 

Use your own personal gadget like your phone or computer

Our next stop here is – if possible – just use your device. Phones today are personal, so use them, and not somebody else’s if you are shopping online. Don’t use computers in the offices and other public devices. Because they are not yours, you don’t know what exactly are in them or if someone has built a feature in there that monitors your behavior and the information you put in that computer. Not only that using office computers for your personal business is unethical, but it is just simply not safe. You are far better off with your personal gadgets that nobody has access to. 

Don’t use somebody else’s wifi, especially public ones

While it’s safe to browse on the internet using your smartphones that are connected to public wifi, it’s not generally safe that you share confidential information using that connection. Public wifi isn’t as secure as your internet at home. Because it’s made public, several different transactions are taking place that it’s difficult to monitor each activity. Hence, it’s easy to overlook unusual ones. Better be safe than sorry, so unless you’re using your data, do not share private info, such as your IDs and credit card details, through your phone on public wifi. 

Get an online or internet security 

What is this about? 

Usually, online security is a subscription-based paid service that protects your computers, such as laptops or desktops, and every computing device, such as your smartphones and tablets, from any hacking attempt. It’s an added layer of security in case somebody tries to infiltrate your internet system at home and get your information. It’s an added barrier and security that provides a wall and actively monitors any anomalous behavior in your internet system. By having this, you are extra guarded. 

So as long as you provide your personal details to a trusted website, then your personal info should be safe. In most cases, this only covers your internet at home. 

Don’t proceed if your gut tells you not to

Listen to yourself. No matter how good the deals are and no matter how much we’ve said enough, if your gut still tells you not to move forward, you should listen to it. 

While buying online is generally safe when you do it on a trusted, legitimate eCommerce brand, you don’t want to hurt your mind and think about if you had made the right decision or not. If going against your intuition will saddle you with anxiety, then listen to us: that it’s not worth it. Your peace of mind remains more important than anything else. 

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