Top 5 Free Classifieds You Should Never Miss!

Let’s get to the brass tacks and accelerate your journey into online selling. Sure enough, you are excited to level up your business, expand your reach and grow. So if you have fully convinced yourself and mustered enough courage to explore the opportunities online, let us show you the best places on the internet where you can sell whatever great product you have. If you don’t have a business, that’s okay. You can still sell even from your possessions. If you want extra bucks from the stuff you have, online selling is a great way to achieve that because it’s not time-consuming and not laborious at all. To get you started, here they are. 

Here is a BONUS list first:


Here are some of the best classifieds out there:

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is great for both your business and personal selling that you can use. You will have to undergo a process in listing an item. It’s fast and carefully organized. It’s so fast that you can even advertise without having to create an account, you just need to fill out the correct contact info, so interested buyers can reach out to you. But, if you are a business entity, well, we suggest you create and maintain an account for every listing service that you will use. Craigslist is great simply because of its fame, although you might find it at first unappealing. Make no mistake; however, Craigslist is all about practicality, which means it’s effective without having to care too much about aesthetics and design. 

2. FreeAdsTime

You don’t need a starting capital to advertise on FreeAdsTime as far as we’re talking about money. The capital you need is the product you have selling and the time to complete the form so your ad gets listed. Initially, you may find the ads that will arise when navigating the website. On the plus side, the process is smooth and thorough. It won’t take long before you’re done. In as little as three minutes, you can finish it all and the platform will do its job to send your message across. FreeAdsTime is a fully functional option for listing an eCommerce program. 

3. Olx. com

Olx isn’t just like Craigslist. Or better to put it is it isn’t exactly directly equivalent to the latter. It is a listing service before anything else, but it also allows its user to build and establish his or her online retail channel or page. Craigslist and FreeAdsTime are listing channels. They both allow you to advertise for almost anything. Olx does this as well, but with a greater emphasis on selling products. So, Olx is product-centered in contrast to being ad-centered. 

Olx is also a pretty big name, just like Craigslist is. It has a significant number of visitors a business-minded person wouldn’t just miss. Throughout the years, it has proven itself that it can deliver an audience to sellers and help the sellers convert their prospects into successful buyers. 

4. Facebook Marketplace

If trying our new brands doesn’t appeal to you or if brand loyalty matters to you that much, then you can walk your way a little further into Facebook. That means learning more about its features you might not have explored yet, such as the Facebook Marketplace. You may ask what it is. 

Well, the simplest way to put it is it’s another listing service. To define it with a little bit more precision, it’s a feature built-in to the Facebook app. So, yes, you need to have a Facebook to be able to use its Marketplace section. It’s completely free of charge, so don’t worry about having to pay to advertise. All you’ll need is a Facebook, and if you’re already comfortable with the app, you’ll also be comfortable figuring things out on the Marketplace. 

5. AdvertiseEra

Here on the list, AdvertiseEra is simply the best to work with as far as user experience is concerned. It’s easy to use, yes. But the rest listed here are easy to use, too. What makes it different is its neatness and it looks very wholesome without having any agendas. It’s just there to help launch your product and advertise it. It has a masterful layout and design that delivers a convenient and pleasant experience. 

6. Kijiji (BONUS) 

Kijiji is possibly the best on the list for its sheer simplicity and straightforwardness. But if you don’t live in Canada, you may skip out on this one because it only services that country. So, if you list down or advertise, it can only reach to Canadian audience within the country. When it comes to its scope, it’s limited. But, for all its tidiness and organization, it should be a role model for any listing platform online. Not only that it’s clean, but it has the right functions in the right spots. 

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