Top 5 Websites to Sell Your Products Today

To start, let’s give your first a warm round of applause for trying your hands online and bringing your business on the internet. You might have realized by now that the digital age has sped up its reach. 

Before the pandemic began, eCommerce was just an option, an alternative way to deal with our day-to-day agendas. Now, it has taken a different shape. 

In the time of uncertainty when the lock down was the norm, browsing, shopping, and ordering online has become a necessity instead of being just a mere another choice. It is working effectively, and a lot have found a sense of fun and convenience in being able to shop in the comfort of their own homes. 

There is a great market for it, and this industry will surely stay until another revolutionary system takes place. It’s going to be a while before that happens, so you must act fast. Take advantage of eCommerce and all the gifts it presents. It’s a highly competitive but lucrative industry that you must explore and use to your benefit. Otherwise, you will fall behind and give more opportunities to your prospective competitors. So, here’s our quick take to provide minute insights on the online retail shops that you can pin your hopes on. 

  1. Amazon 

Let’s begin with the brightest, most successful, and ever-expanding retail brand online, Amazon. Yes, sure enough, you’ve already heard it. Mostly, you have purchased an item for it. Amazon is a very customer/consumer-centric eCommerce platform. They’re dedicated to ensuring that each product listed on them, whoever sells it, meets the stringent criteria that they set. These criteria are the reason why Amazon became a success. Not only are the products legitimate, but they are described in helpful detail. Consumers’ expectations are successfully set, which results in a well-mannered experience and guaranteed satisfaction. 

As a business navigating the online retail industry whose one of the goals is to build a name, you should take your business to Amazon and build it from there. Get customers, work with them, and provide satisfaction, so they keep coming back. 

2. eBay

Just like Amazon, you most likely have heard of eBay, although it can be said a bit lesser equivalent of Amazon. While Amazon has the biggest share of the market for any online retail shop, eBay has its own structure in doing its business and allowing sellers to sell and the consumers to buy a little differently. 

eBay allows the sellers to conduct bidding and get the product to be sold to the winner for almost any item. But selling doesn’t have to go through a bidding process all the time. The admin also allows sellers to set a price, sell multiple items, and have their sellers their own page so they can have their online business page. It’s also possible to say that it’s eBay who only does the bidding, at least, when compared side by side to other established retail platforms on the internet. 

3. Shopolop 

There are instances that Amazon and eBay may seem complex because they are too big. Many rules to follow, so many guidelines to keep track of that you must always keep in mind to stand out from the rest. Here comes Shopolop, where everything is simplified. It’s uncomplicated and almost effortless. You just need to fill out a form and submit it. It will then undergo a review to assess if it can be listed and appear on the platform. It needs to be reviewed. Although it’s easy to do business with them, they make sure that quality is never compromised. 

4. Etsy 

Etsy is a listing service very much like other online retail shops as far as giving its prospective customers the ability to buy and sellers to advertise their product. What gives it a one-for-the-books reputation is it’s not for every product that you sell. 

To say the least, it’s a niche platform. Etsy is known for crafts and artisanal products, especially crafted and heavily customized to meet one’s interests. It’s not a general merchandise eCommerce platform. So, it’s only for you if you have products such as ones that are handcrafted and not commercially available elsewhere. 

5. Facebook Marketplace 

This just needs a very short explanation. If you have something to sell and if you have Facebook. You just got to log in using the Facebook App on your phone. In the sections bar, at the bottom, you can easily find Marketplace – very intuitive. You just fill out the form and upload pics, and, voila, you have your product listed. How it works is whoever uses or browses for a certain product using the Facebook Marketplace, your ad will show up. 

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